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March 24, 2014


Now there’s a porn academic journal.

(Thanks to Charles Cates, who says "now we're all scholars.")


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Studies show that students who turn to porn to pay for their porn studies are more studious.

Amazingly, it wasn't Duke. Go figure.

My guess was Ball State.


' - the journal teems in critical exploration. Some of the titles:

“Revisiting dirty looks”
“Hard to swallow: Hard-core pornography on screen”

Strokes of Genius

Go to the Head of the Class

*Born ahead of my time ... thinkin' of all the college credits I could've earned ... and the GRADES! Sorta gives the phrase "cum laude" an entirely different ... um ... nevermind ...*

So-called “scholars” expect us to think
That the “study” of porn is worth ink.
Seems this “labor of love”
Has a goal: rise above
All the dirt and gain insight. (Wink, wink.)

Smut Studies

Whatever happened to reading Chaucer ?

And the advice section of the Journal gave the dirt on why Speedy's wife left him.
I think my MIL might be editing this Journal. It's been her life work to drain the fun out of everything.

i was gonna go with florida state...

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