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March 11, 2014


I had a fine event last night for the Tattered Cover bookstore at the University of Denver; thanks to everybody who came out. This morning, on my way to catch a plane, I stopped at the Tattered Cover store in the Denver airport, where I signed a bunch of books. I'm now on a plane headed for Seattle.

While in Denver I heard much discussion about legalized marijuana, but I personally did not partake because I would spend the rest of the book tour lying on my hotel-room floor eating the entire contents of the mini-bar. I saw a local TV news story about a guy whose job is to investigate places where the smell of pot is too strong. He uses a device called -- I swear -- the Nasal Ranger, which he puts on his nose. It's pretty wonderful. I think every state should legalize marijuana just so there would be more guys going around with Nasal Rangers.


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I would definitely go back to school to get Nasal Ranger certified. We could give the Texas Rangers a run for their money.

Have a blast in Seattle, Dave! I wish I could make it but I gotta be responsible and work. :(

"Taco Bell" is the entry-level Nasal Ranger position.

Labradors work just as well. "Oh, Luuuuucy, I'm hooome!"

i saw the nasal rangers open for the residents...

I can only imagine how much work it must do at 4:20

Well I'd rather wear a nasal ranger than an anal inhalator.

Nasal Ranger opened for the Adenoidal Tones an little known virtual five octave capable band out of Phuket who speak out of their noses.

I was a little concerned about how Dave was going to function in the pot-legal states. I hope your customers weren't Rocky Mountain High, or maybe I hope they were. Hmmm.

That's a nice picture

Do the Nasal Ranger guys carry a bottle of Afrin in a holster on their hip?

High, oh! Silver, uh .... way?

snork @ cindy

strumpdate: of signage & sinusage -

'boogers !'

Holiday Gift Guide item!

If you read the full description of the Nasal Olfactometer, there's a great section on Citizen Odor Monitoring. No - it doesn't (usually) involve seeing if citizens smell; it refers to the formal training of ordinary citizens in the use of the N.O. to carry out free-lance civic-minded smell-quantification.

At last...the professionalization of nosy neighbors.

I see a Febreze marketing opportunity here. I hope a commercial is in the works.

And of course, the Nasal Ranger is nothing without the Tontoloscope.

Not sold in stores.

Are you sure it wasn't the Dniversity of Uenver or the Denversity of Univer? They tend to call themselves DU. (CU is the Coloversity of Unirado.)

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