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March 03, 2014


So I made it to New York, where the Polar Vortex is still quite active.


I plan to keep warm by building an igloo out of my new book, which by the way goes on sale tomorrow. 



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Don't take this as a book review, but those books will keep you a lot warmer if you set them on fire. Just sayin'.

It's a Barry-cade!

I know some of your readers are getting older, but that is one big book.

If you're lucky you can see Polar Vortex open for Santana.

Cool show.

Steve - the font size is huge, and quite a few pages are left blank for nap breaks.

I'd go to DC but I CAN'T EVEN GET OUT OF MY DRIVEWAY! Bought the book anyway.

Perhaps you can do an online book signing for those of us who aren't polar bears!?

Watch out for the big Twinkie.

I thought the Utah part of the tour was later...

Mikey, Hopefully by Thu we'll have dug ourselves out.

Aww Mikey. You've got until Thursday. You can get there if you start now.

Dave, your luggage surcharge must be astronomical if you have to carry that many books around with you.

At least it's not the Bipolar Vortex. That can be even worse... but it's great!!

Thanks Dave. I cant' wait to read your new book

What? No blue shirt?

so if we didn't pre order we can haz dis order, so we can buypolar disorder ?

- and why are my pages iglooed together ???

sorry - too-cold-too-long in ny . . .

I saw Polar Vortex warming up . . .

Since the Wienermobile has limited truck space, we hope that Dave is using the Flying Bum for his interstate strumpetting. We just know that gas will not be a problem.

I, too, can't get out of the driveway. I might have done it if that unknown person hadn't chosen the drive to slide into and leave his car.
Will there be enough left when the snow melts?

What, no blue shirt?

nice array Dave, but I would go with a pyramid

Great minds think alike PirateBoy.

Nursecindy: Exactly! Perhaps we're both in a blue mood?

Or we should listen to Blue Moon? (Gotta love that song!)


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