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March 07, 2014


You do not want to miss this news item. We cannot say anything about missing it to the men or we will surely get into some kind of trouble.

(Thank you most kindly, Unholy Slacker and Charles Cates*)

(*presumably, both men)


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Wasn't that a movie with Vincent Price and Frankie Avalon?

The only movie this post brings to my mind is "Barbarella..."

me too, wes :) i saved a seat for you here on the geezer bus.

Another job taken over by a machine!
Of course, I wouldn't want to be using one when SkyNet takes over...


Can we get it with an phone trigger so, when we're apart for extended periods, we men can send our love?
Flowers? Who needs flowers?

i think woody allen had an orgasmatron machine in "Sleeper', 1975.

How did this happen in Charlotte without me knowing about it? Road trip!

Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but how do you stumble upon this "by accident"? Why was he placing electrodes anywhere near....um..."there"?

And yes, the Orgasmatron from "Sleeper" was the first thing to come to mind for me as well. That, and a rather creepy passage from the book "Coma".

Remote come-trol.

But why does the garage door keep opening and closing?

Whoever controls this technology, controls the world !

profit opportunity: put a credit card gizmo on the remote

Will there be a blue tooth version (not virgin)?

Implants in the spinal cord and buttocks? I think that's the wrong neighborhood, boys!

SHUT the front door!

Odd coincidence that this showed up on International Women's Day....

Combine that with chocolate and a Macy's shoe sale and you've really got something.

Dang! It's Lent.

"Exclaiming emphatically." Yes, that's what we do.

Since I'm a science fiction reader (please, not "sci-fi") and not a movie watcher the first things that popped into my mind were "droud" and "tasp" from Larry Niven's books.

" Then, a signal generator would be connected which would be most likely implanted under the skin of a patient’s buttocks."

So, does that mean a kick in the butt would......?

ScottMGS: what works are you refering ? (I'm a Nivene devotee....with Pournelle. Ringworld, Mote in God's Eye etc....)

Only a bit smaller than a PACK OF CIGS, and they wanna put that under the skin of the buttular region? OW.

All the hateful women-only-want-your-money comments on that article are depressing, though. :-P

Note to nursecindy: the Dr. is in Winston-Salem. It was news here several years ago. Charlotte is just now hearing about it.(?) Patient being treated for chronic pain and the electrodes stimulated an unexpected area. Serendipity? Dippity-doo-dah? Wah-hoo?

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