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February 04, 2014


Man's Ear Bitten Off During Super Bowl Party

(Thanks to coscolo)


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My guess: Doritos

But we still think sports build character, right?

We never said anything about it being GOOD character.

Nacho ear.


I was thinking that it was the salsa or the bean dip. Ya goota be careful with those two.

Sloppy writing (we won't dignify it by calling it "journalism" ...) ...

A "bottle and a half of whiskey ..."

The story then continues, mentioning "a bottle and a half of Southern Comfort" ... which is NOT "whiskey" (or "whisky") ... and then moves on to "Jack Daniels" ... which IS whiskey (or whisky), but did they also consume "a bottle and a half" of that libationariness? Or merely a few sips?

Tsk, tsk, tsk ... no details, inaccurate measurements, mistaken nomenclature ... it would appear likely that the "writer" was enjoying part of the party ...

Reason #156 why not to invite Mike Tyson to your Super Bowl party.

Tsk, tsk, O the U - you missed the typo.

Remind me not to go out drinking with OtU.

And if we're splitting hairs, I'm not completely comfortable with defining Jack as whiskey.

I remember Southern Comfort as some real high-test cough syrup. But I hear they've wimped out and dropped the proof.
Probably still tastes better than ear wax.

Omni, JD is Tennessee Sour Mash whiskey; what it isn't, is bourbon.

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