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February 17, 2014


LSD user breaks into neighbors apartment 'thinking he is 24's Jack Bauer before he puts all their clothes in the bathtub and stuffs their credit cards inside a chocolate muffin'

(Thanks to Craig Roberts, Ryan Jentzsch, Mike Ester and Allen at Division)


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There are people in the writer's room right now having to change a storyline.

...and then he shot himself in the thigh.

Please tell me someone set up a perimeter.

Where the heck is Chloe with the plans to the
BBQ? And did Jack take or hide the muffin? (I believe it will provide an important tangent in the series...)

It's a little-known fact that chocolate muffins block RF signals. It's all in a day's work for Information Security Man.

A common mistake.

"...a bad reaction to LSD..." Did he keep the receipt?

I'm a bit upset that they call jack Bauer a fictitious character... they obviously don't know...

Oh, come on. We've all done this at one time or another.

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