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February 12, 2014


Man 'pepper-sprayed post office worker and bit him in the leg because he didn't receive a check he was expecting in the mail'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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People can be so rude and crude. That's like the person that shot a McDonald's employee because she got the order wrong twice. Boy heaven forbid that.

I am going to bite the weatherman.

Theresa, you forgot "nude". But since it was in Ohio, I suppose we can't expect a Florida triple play.

Yikes. Wasn't that guy a possessed puppet in a Stephen King movie?

Yeah, nice mug shot, dude. Just don't look at me with those eyes.

Otherwise, I believe this is covered under the First /or Fourth Amendment.

MikeyVA I would also like to bite the weatherman. Our Governor just came on TV and told us to put batteries in our flashlights. Now that's leadership! Maybe the mailman should carry some dog biscuits the next time he delivers mail at this man's house.

Purina Meth Chow.

Our weatherman is quite annoying too, but I wouldn't bite him. Might catch something.

Spoiler alert - today in SoCal, it's going to be 80 degrees.

Our governor just declared a state of emergency!

The kids will be going to school year round if they have too many more snow days!

Make sure you have TP and milk. I got the TP but can't drink milk.

Wonder if I am violating a federal law.

By the time police arrived, a small group had gathered around to watch the two men fight..

Nice neighborhood.

MikeyVA as long as you bought some bread I think you'll be okay. Our governor has also declared a state of emergency AND called in the National Guard. We have about 2" of snow on the ground. Annie can you feel me glaring at you right now? btw, if I don't make it through this blizzard, please remember me fondly.

My job requires me to talk with people all of the country from my office in northern California. During the winter months, weather is like politics and religion...just don't talk about it because mine is always better than yours.

My heartfelt sympathy and best wishes for my friends and family in the east.

Well cozy warm Annie and Gargoyle at least we don't have the San Andreas Fault.

Just sayin! :)


I bought an extra large loaf, though there is only me and my dogs at home.

But I did hear what I thought was a drone on my way home from the grocery store.

So you're saying the Republicans and God are punishing the East with bad weather?

Don't bother smacking me, nursecindy. We will arrange for an earthquake and disgustingly high mortgage payments as punishment.

Just sayin , Annie! ;)

Can drones deliver pizza yet? Because there's sure a market for this. Ask anyone in Atlanta right now....

You're right, MikeyVA. I moved to California from Florida 14 years ago. Give me a hurricane or winter storm any day. At least you can see them coming and prepare or get out of the way.

Waiting around for the Big One hit without warning isn't my idea of safe and secure.

I agree about the earthquakes. I lived in earthquake country for 5 years and I never got use to them. I'll take a snowstorm anyday over an earthquake. At least you know that a storm is coming. Earthquakes don't give you any kind of warning.

That's why earthquakes run through wine country. Liquefaction begets the liquor faction.

Now don't you feel a widdle better about your big bad 2" blizzard?

This guy makes Hyacinth Bucket seem kind to her postman.

South Florida has been over 80 degrees for the last two weeks except for one day. But today is the end of it...for a few days anyway.

Just sayin'.

Good luck cindy and Mikey. I feel your pain.

You know he's single.

I always like a little pepper on my leg o' bureaucrat.

Can you really be considered single, with that many voices in your head?


I was coming home (Tysons Corner) a little before 7PM, and the line of cars at the gas station extended out into the street! I don't I've seen that in decades. Cripes, people, it's gonna be maybe 6 inches, and roads'll be clear by late afternoon.

We had a massive snowpocalypse here in Portland - 4 inches over four days, you would have thought the world was ending.... Muricans are such pussies now, my grand folks in Iowa who lived thru four feet all winter would be embarrassed for our country.

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