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February 07, 2014


Mr Lee said: “He made allegations that police had planted the drugs in his car … of the drugs stuck to his testicles [he] denied any knowledge, commenting that some filthy woman must have put it there.”

(Thanks to Ryan Jentsch)


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I bet it was one of those clean women that put it there. The filthy ones would never waste good drugs like that.

I saw Some Filthy Woman open for Aretha.

As I come off jury duty I am reminded of how far truth will stretch and how it will sting when it snaps.

Well put, Scott.

I'm guessing Mr. Lee's first name is not "Honest."

Deep Purple's version of A Filthy Kentucky Cornish woman sounded cock.

So many people today stretch the truth don't they. Honestly is always the best policy

Good morning, Sir. How may I help you?

Oh, just a fifth of Filthy Woman, please.

I'm sorry, we're just out. How about a nice bottle of Wretched Little Child? Or Idiot Bastard Son?

No, I think I'll just have a Burning Heretic.

Ah, an abbey ale. Good choice.

oh to have so many filthy women handling my testicles that i can't be sure which one taped drugs to them!

I guess if they touched HIM, they WOULD be filthy. Next time, they should use a nail gun.

*grimaces and crosses legs, in a hopeful but futile attempt at self-preservation ...*

How out of it would you have to be to not notice some filthy woman taping drugs to your testicles? I'm totally aware of mine at all times.

And the moral of the story is...

The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life,
Never let a filthy woman mess with your balls.

OK, needs a little work.

I guess if they touched HIM, they WOULD be filthy. Next time, they should use a nail gun.
Now, now Annie. A staple gun would work just as well.

Jeff ~

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life,
Free from cops and searches and strife.
Ignore the sirens of drugs, their calls,
And keep filthy women away from your balls.

Ms. Flukey -

I prefer:

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life,
Never tell a Dave Barry pun to your wife,
As for my personal blogger view,
I've been known to make a pun or two.

Filthy woman, going down on me
Filthy woman, the kind I like to see
Filthy woman
You're as dirty as can be!
Did you stash your cache on me??
Mercy . . .

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