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February 12, 2014


Flowerpot-wearing man robs gas station with chainsaw

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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Sounds like a copy cat to me.

Who among us has not donned a flower pot, grabbed a chain saw and attempted to rob a store?

Just last week I shot a man in my flowerpot. How I got in my flowerpot, I'll never know.

Actually, the plant was a palm tree. And, llike the purpetratior, it was drunk. indeed, it was a potted palm...

Hope he put down the chainsaw before he mooned them.

What joie de vivre they exhibit down there at the world's end. What finesse.

the bad seed

and again, pythonic.

Mooning them after the attempt almost failed. And the photo seemed to be taken in daylight, too.

I think we've all had days like that...

Not too much reality enhancement going on, mate?

"Steven Steele - Aussie Man of Action... Man about Town, with chainsaw, headgear... and a soda."

if you are going to bother to get out the chainsaw, at least steal a six pack of Fosters [gag]

Devo has struck on hard times, haven't they?

If you don't give me a soda, I'm going to like, totally gonna clear out all that excess brush you have outside.

somewhere there is a very proud mother...

and girls, he's single!

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