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February 05, 2014


Vultures take up residence in Florida neighborhood

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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Kardashians just will... not... leave.

Don't worry; vultures mostly prey on the old and infirm.

. . . .Riiiiiiight

Time to play Manilow music. It's for the birds.

Did the vultures crack the Meals on Wheels database?

One question, did they qualify for Homestead Exemption?

... poor reporting.

Definitely not the "Save Our Homes"!

Just adds to the list of drivers who fall under the non use of blinkers protected species laws.

The real reason people are complaining is because the vultures keep winning at Bingo.

Turkey vultures or black vultures ?

The birds aren't ready to fly back northwardly yet, becuz the airlines have new limits for carrion luggage ...

Theoretically, they should be hanging around Denver.

Dang it OTH, you got that joke in before me...

they are all in albany. i keep looking for alfred hitchcock. but all we have are these giant birds. some in the legislature.

They're just Yankee snowbirds. What's unusual about that in Florida?

Now they know how the staff feels at 4:00 pm every day at the local buffets.

Merely lucky, tinatalker ... even us old f@rts manage to see the blog early in the day, sumtimes ...

Some years back, we were driving home into Michigan from the great flat place to the south of us. We decided to take back roads, and after a while, we got onto a two-lane gravel road through a vast empty space of plowed fields, with nothing in sight for miles except a silo or two on the horizon. There were a few weeds in the ditches, but beyond that, no life of any kind. A small dark patch in the road slowly resolved itself into a team of turkey vultures, holding a seminar on road kill. Nothing else was stirring. It was just a bit creepy.

Something is attracting them.

They must not like the Farm Bill, not enough congress critter carcasses lying about DC, if you make Monsinto unhappy, you end up roadkill in some DC alley.

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