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February 05, 2014


Here's a video.

WARNING: There is audio.


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'aidio.' That's a Japanese sword art, right?

"Aidio" is when the audio could use some help. But Dave is kidding - they're awesome. I saw Kathy & Dave & crew at the LA Times Bookfair years ago - they were hilarious. Kathy sang a song that was one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life. I wish I had taped it. Got to meet some of the bloggers, too.

annie, if you will pardon the REALLY crap camera work, here's one from one of the NYC gigs:

Ed Sullivan, Hullabaloo, Where The Action Is, Woodstock, Monterey Pop, Farm Aid, Madison Square Garden, The Astrodome,...Miami Book Fair?

When is the next last concert? You've been retiring for a couple of years now. Barbara Streisand's got nothing on you guys.

The band that even Yoko couldn't break up.

Hmmm. Miami Book Fair anniversary. Last time I left the house for something fun, before I met crossgirl. 2006. Blogged a photo of me holding a purchased Ann Coulter book to Annie, with the RBRs in the background. I don't tease Annie nearly as much, now.

crossgirl doesn't smack me nearly as often, now.

Great interview. The RBR's have to stay together. You guys are on my Bucket List of things to see.

Can anyone tell us who has signed Ridley's guitar? That scene went by too fast for me to catch any names.

Doris Day and Ten Drunken Sailors would be an excellent show on Scinemax.

I don't have 27:44 to sit watching one blog post. I may spend an hour reading ten, however.

That was a lot of fun to watch. TBFKA The RBRs--Guys, don't get any better. :)

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