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February 14, 2014


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Sports Update.

(Thanks to padraig)


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They do suffer the injuries playing football

Bill Russell, Magic, Bird Jordan and Oscar never had to list a bunch of people to compare themselves to.
What's with this Ahole?

So Butt is a tight end?

Yes, Layzee. He had hoped to be a Wide Receiver.

The Michigan ticket office would like to reassure its fans that there are still plenty of good Wolverine seats available!

Shaddup and Butt out.

Such a strange game.

One of the nice things about living here but not having gone to school here is that I'm allowed to not give a damm about the Wolverines or their ridiculous stadium or their oddly named athletes.

Omni, you forgot the best benefit: you don't have to pretend to like Jim Harbaugh.


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