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February 04, 2014


This is not one of them:


(Thanks to Chris Bartlett)

For the record, neither is this:




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Given that this happened in Oz, I suspect that maybe, possibly, a small amount of alcohol may have been involved.

This isn't recommended either.

New Summer Olympic event?

Outboard motor surfing!

What a hooning boofhead!
Typing in Australian makes me feel like my fingers are on the wrong keys but somehow still make a weird sort of sense.

So New Jersery has a Sopranos' themed waterpark?

Several things worng with this commentary ...

"The young barefoot man on the Honda four-stroke motor appeared to be the only person aboard the 4m aluminium fishing boat as it passed at speed between the bank and another boat, missing both by metres."

Whut does the brand or type of internal combustion system or length (and how did they measure it? that boat looks to be MUCH longer than a mere 13 feet) have to do with the offense (not "offence")?

Missing both "by metres" ... ? Even allowing for a small, wide-angle lens on a camera phone as the possible means of capturing the image, the "bank" appears to be at least 100 "metres" (or more) from the boat in the photo ... granted, the same lens would foreshorten the apparent distance from the "photographer" ... but if the "photographers" were "cheering" for the standee, then they were certainly prepared for the wake to endanger their stability ... or they were also drunk, and therefore should also be cited for unsafe operation ...

In the other photo, we cannot be sure, but it appeaars that the orange-clad diver does not have the proper floatation equipment, though this cannot be determined with 100 percent accuracy ...

This is why they make autopilots for boats. They're smarter than some operators.

O the U: A four-stroke Honda has a lot less vibration than an older two-stroke outboard. When you're tipsy, it's probably enough to make a difference, not that I've tried it.

See the video in the original story. The boat is a lot closer than 100 metres to the shore.

Blue shirt... Wait a minute ! Who IS that ?

With reference to the first post, that is what we call "skiffing". I can say this is I recently allowed my Captain's license to lapse. It's really a wonderful thing, as you can control a boat, at speed, by doing the exact opposite of what your brain tells you to do; if you want the boat to steer left, and you are driving with your feet, you lean right. This can only be achieved at high speed.

Skiffing is very fun and should never be tried at home, by non-professionals. Seriously, these are many-thousands-of pounds projectiles traveling at great speed, it doesn't work at low speeds. In calm, wide open water, well, still this isn't safe. I am an awful person. For an experienced boater and surfer, this can be done, especially if you have sailed small racing boats and already discovered what happens in unusual circumstances.

OK. This is completely unsafe. Don't ever do this. Ever. This is a terrible idea and there will never be a circumstance when you might want your'e hands free and still be able to control a small power boat. This is bad. Bad, I tells you!

Judi, don't you dare!

Somewhat off topic, but I remember watching boat races on Vandercook Lake in Michigan as a young man.
I remember thinking, "Wow! They're going fast! And that one can fly! Well, not so much."
At least there were no crocs.

I gnu that, Ralph, about the "four-stroke
Honda" deal ... whut I fail to comprehend is why a certain level of "journalists" who feel compelled to put so many details in a "news" story ... color, year, model, body, and license, plus condition of tires, engine size, mileage and even the VIN ...

That's all ... it merely irks me ...

Vandercook Lake. I been there. Used to go to motorcycle events at a commercial campground somewhere around there.

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