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February 21, 2014


Here's a great story about Miami motorists saving a baby who was having trouble breathing. The photos are by Herald photographer Al Diaz, who was also part of the rescue effort.


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There are good, everyday people who step forward to be heroes everywhere...even in Miami. Thanks for the story, Dave.

Nice story. There really are good people everywhere, as Gargoyle Socks says. I've met a few who stepped in to save me.

That was a nice story.

Bravo. Give Al a pat on the back, Dave.

Good thing the aunt knew CPR and the photographer found a cop and not a shark on the road.

Another Pulitzer winner - way to go, Al!!!

Time to refresh my CPR skills.

Does linking to this author violate your strict policy?

dan...How...pervobservant of you!

This is a wonderful story. Kudos to the aunt for keeping her cool and knowing what to do.
Congratulations to the photographer too. There are still amazing people in this world. btw Dave, not that this means anything but, any chance he's single? Jeff Meyerson I mean Annie wants to know.

Yea Miami! As much crap as we give them it's nice to see this.

I used to laugh at my father for finding the good in the people he met.
But the older I get, the more I realize that that's not a bad way to look at others.
Great story. It confirms what Daddy believed.

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