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February 09, 2014


It is completely out of control.



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Cool man cave Dave!

Look at the horns on that thing!

Dead animal heads? Check.
Carelessly flung lingerie trophy? Check.
Neatly rolled linen napery? BZZZZT!!!

Sorry, Dave. Cuts the testosterone vibes by 50%.

(And causes me to look again at those trophies...)

I think the caption for this picture should be, "Where NOT to take your lady on Valentine's Day".

"Where's duh doilet?"

Overheard at the Sushi bar.

Horse head mount? Is that Johnny Fontane's basement?


My guess is that Mrs. Blog came in while Dave was away and "straightened" the place up with a warning not to mess it up for the pic.

what would you expect to find on a big rack ?

Thank goodness they're fake.
Is anybody else grossed out by a dead animal over his plate rather than on it?

Janet Reno was there...?

Nice rack.

Dangit ligirl, you pre-copied me AGAIN.

Nice blue shirt.

Yes, they have Hooters in Florida.

(Or so I've been told....)

(Not that I would actually know about such things...)

(But let's just say Naples is a really nice town...)

Hypothetically, of course.

Wow! You really have green deer like that? Excuse me. Honey! I have to go to Florida, quick-like. Where'd I put the Ruger?

For some reason the Blog didn't have Judi tweak this photo; it looks a lot better (especially the horse) with some basic adjustments. I assume that means she wasn't there, either. So who took the photo -- Sophie or Lucy?

I guess that explains why the horse never walked OUT of the bar.

What kind of food do they serve?

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