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February 02, 2014


The mayor is keeping busy.


(Thanks to The Perts and Rob Simbeck)


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He was actually frisking him.

Tickle Me Elmo, errrr Elvis.

Boom Boom (Out go the lights).

Snortin' whiskey, drinkin' cocaine.

We've only just begun.

Best poster ever for his next prison roommate. <3

The candidate of the Tokes and Tickles Party.

At least he's not dropping groundhogs.

He's also being sued by his sister's ex-boyfriend who claims Robbo was responsible for the boyfriend being beaten up in jail last year. BF was in jail for making death threats against Rob.

The "Tickle the Mayor Day" was an arousing success.

Tickle Me Jumbo

... on the lighter side of Canadian politics!

Pull my finger!

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