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February 11, 2014


Crocodiles, Alligators Able to Climb Trees

(Thanks to Jeff in Pittsburgh and Patrick Fortner)


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And he has those 'Bob Costas' eyes about him.

I saw Arboreal Baskers open for the Rotting Zombies.

That would be scary to look up into a tree and see a croc or aligator.

If they develop wings I'm moving to Antarctica.

Just so long as they can't glide...

On the plus side this could greatly reduce the Florida squirrel population.

No worries - anacondas can climb, too.

Coming soon to a theaterDVD near you - "Zom-gator-snake-nado!!!"

Ventura highway has long been plagued with alligator lizards in the air.
In the air!

Don't worry - anacondas can climb trees, too.

Coming soon to a theater DVD near you - "Zom-gator-snake-nado!!"

I'll see your arboreal crocodilians and raise you a troop of flying monkeys. Or snowboarding bears. Or New Zealand Driving Dogs! Yeah! Mammals rule!

So after we learned about the chimps in the congo hunting and eating leopards , I am not worried about a slow lizard.


Science snot here!

Crocs and aligators are not liizards.

Lizards(Order Squamata) and alligators and crocodiles (Order Crocodilia.) are different.

Lizards have bony eye rings; no secondary palates (except a few skink species); and overlapping scales. Crocodilians have no bony eye ring, a bony secondary palate, and bony scutes without overlapping scales.

This has been your science snot report.

True. But in a world where the taxonomists can't decide whether dogs are wolves or not, whataya gonna do?


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