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February 05, 2014


Day care facility hosts adult nude party

(Thanks to Gargoyle Sox, who says "There's no telling what the kids'll find in the ball pit!")


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sometimes i'm proud to be a long islander . . sometimes i'm not

Next stop: Chuck E. Cheese!

what could possibly go wrong?

Listen - as a parent of two, I can say - its no worse than what the kids smear all over the place.

I don't get it. Are they mad that the kids weren't invited or what?

Child care facilities are natural petrie dishes anyway. Don't think I'd want to expose any skin to any surface anyway.

An oncology resident of my acquaintance once described her children as "little snot mongers". She said that was why she was wearing a mask, but I kept my hand on my wallet, anyway.

'organizers said there would be "tasteful nudity," but no "orgy, strippers or sexually lewd content."'

Then what the hell was the point?

I wonder what their parent-teacher conferences are like?

So they have to sanitize the warm Jello wrestling equipment before the kids can use it again?

If they had just said it was a Come To Jeebus orgy it would be ok

I'm sure it was returned to its previously-sanitized condition.

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