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February 04, 2014


Postal worker dons pants for first time in 10 years

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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Like it hasn't been cold at all in the past 10 years in Michigan. The guy is obviously getting older and ripe for committing a mass postal worker involved something or other.

The people on his route have probably lost their tolerance for hairy legs with age ( his ) as well.

"Macho, macho man..."

Sorry, got distracted by that beautiful Asian woman... now, where were we?

Here I was thinking kilts!

Where are the pictures?

Who is Don and why does this guy have his pants?

don he now his gay apparell.... just saying.

Wonder if this postal worker now has to pay up on a bet -- our carrier had a $100 bet with another for years. First won to surrender to the cold and wear long pants had to pay. Both still were in shorts when we moved from that neighborhood. Also, bare legs are hairy legs.

The year after I got out of high school, there was a major malfunction in the heating system in the school during one very cold week.
Some of the girls started wearing pants for the totally ridiculous reason that they were freezing. This was AGAINST THE RULES because girls wore skirts come cold or no.
The Principal sent a dozen girls home for this outrage.
The next day, all the girls showed up wearing skirts-over the pants they were also wearing.
The Principal sent half the school home for the day before the School Board Chairman called him in and told him to bring a switch with him. He was told either the Rule went out the window or the Principal.

Lends new meaning to "going postal".

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