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February 20, 2014


Mall security guards crack down on steampunk carousel riders.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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If only there was a place where people could rent belly dancing outfits...


Inquiring minds want to know...not. zzzzzz

at first i was outraged - how could they be treated so badly over their manner of dress? then i kept reading and i thought "this guy ought to be happy that they didn't give him a swirly."

i woulda.

I got about 2/3 of the way through the article (feigning interest) and it suddenly dawned on me...

I don't HAVE to read about weird fettishes. So I stopped.

Mudstuffin I would have helped you with the swirly.

Wow. Two posts today about places I used to hang out at as a teenager.

jeez there are no Occupy kidz to mace anymore so the fatboy loser security dudz need to kick out families in nice clothes. If you are not in soiled jammies like all wallymrt folk u are not welcome

The guards were probably worried - and not without reason - that these people would randomly glue brass gears everywhere.

@Mudstuffin and @nursecindy I think you went to my Junior High. Do you remember that oily haired, pimpled, skinny kid you stuffed into a locker? Yeah? 4 hours! It was 4 hours before the school janitor got me out!!!

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