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February 10, 2014


Rob Barry, math whiz (I know! Go figure!) explains mathematically how much the Dolphins suck.


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"deviation" "data set" "pre-baked implementation"

Somebody's passing himself off as a guy named Barry.

"This Pat Summerall. Statistics, Smehistics. Howard Howard I told you and Dandy to never count your hair follicles in the booth."

That's impressive analysis. But what are all those little wavy lines? :)

Are you really related?

I had no idea that Tony Soprano use to coach the Dolphins. Wow!
I think it's a very informative and well written article. Dave should be proud.

The bad thing is that I understood the analysis. Even worse -- I enjoyed reading it.

Please don't do the same analysis for the Chicago Cubs. This is the year they will win it all.

They're just playing the wrong sport. They should take up curling.

Omni -- lots of ice in Miami, but I think it might mean something different down there than it does up north.

That would be an extremely expensive stadium, no doubt.

Not nearly as expensive as the amount of beer imbibed to drown the memory of all those losses. Sigh.

Pitchers and catchers report Thursday. Saturday is National Chocolate on Sale Day. Friday is something....

What an interesting job he has. Turning all that data into lucid articles . . . very impressive! But why is he so humble about his photography? I was an art major once upon a time who took lots of photography classes and I think his pictures are GREAT.

The Vikings can only be explained by second string theory.

Please don't do the same analysis for the Chicago Cubs. This is the year they will win it all.
NMUA, I couldn't agree more! I predict this will be the "Year Of The Cubs". Of course I'm not betting any money on it but I believe they will sweep the World Series next October.

I bet the Cubs would be excellent at curling. Their brooms must be in great shape, since they haven't done much sweeping.

This is scientific proof that the apple can fall far, far away from the tree

Wow, how fcking depressing to be a guy who actually rooted for the fish bcs I saw the great teams... mercury morris, the CzonK, jimmy kick, easily the greatest backfield that ever played. A decent QB in BG, and the legend, paul warfield flying down the sidelines. A totally under-rate D did a good job !
OH and the only undefeated perfect team eva !!!

I'd say something about this acorn falling far from the tree but that might attract squirrels.

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