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February 11, 2014


Guess whose Wikipedia article says this:

In May 2007, he launched the Flathead Beacon, a weekly print newspaper and online news source in Montana's Flathead County, where he has a home and is a member at the Eagle Bend Golf Club.


(Thanks to nursecindy)


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True. I assumed people knew. And no, this isn't a Gieco commercial.

Dave you could do that to but I think your happy writing books that we all enjoy

Yeah! We gots plenty struggling newspapers! And you'd have the satisfaction of helping save our economy!

Nobody else knew the parentage of the Beacon, either?
Should have had a test for that.

I remember when he was a local news guy here in DC.

I always confuse him with Sally Jesse Raphael.

I didn't know it! Occasionally I look people up on Wikipedia to see if they're dead what they've been up to and ran across this.

I knew it. But did you know (to paraphrase the GEICO ads) {wiredog probably knows this} that Maury's father was a famous sportswriter in D.C. and that his name was Shirley? He wrote for the Washington Post and is in the Sportswriters Hall of Fame.

True. He could never say, "And don't call me Shirley" because that was his name!

I still remember him from Inside Edition. Or was that A Current Affair?

I noticed they are still waiting for the Flathead Beacon wikipedia page.


It all makes sense now!

cindy, I can save you the trouble.

He's about to turn 93.

Yes "Shirley" is a family name...also STRANGE is a family name and most seem to like law enforcement.
Reminded by "Global Chillin'"

Many Americans are having "global warming" that makes them see a rope and a tree and think of Al Gore, twisting slowly in the wind, freezing for the @#$%^&*() that he is. Prop him up with a "Lazy Susan" on an icy crate so he will get more SPIN. Yes, Gore was low and vile and snaky enough to run on the Democrat ticket. What a douch!

The latest from Maury's pride and joy.

And yet, there are seldom any comments on the Beacon's site itself. At least on the crime reports. Maybe it doesn't seem funny if you're living the nightmare.

Omniskeptic, it's hard to comment when the National Guard helicopters are circling your house.

Flathead Beacon ==>
Baa cheat fondle
The Balanced Oaf
Death of Balance
Bent halo façade
Anecdota flab, eh?
El fathead bacon
Bacon ahead, left
Anal Hotbed
‘la Bonehead Fact

Anal Hotbed Cafe

I was wondering about the F, MOTW.

Yeah, me too, MTOW. What the 'f'?

I will not pretend to already know about Maury being a Flatheadian. Nice research, nursecindy.

I've thought about buying a small town paper and transforming its crime report into an amusing and compelling literary read, but that would only encourage criminals to top each other to see who would be featured in the next issue. We certainly don't need any more literate crackheads outdoing each other with creative felonies just to make the headlines in Smalltown, USA.

I wasn't even sure he was still married to Connie Chung (who looks way better than Yoko Ono)

Kimchi looks better than Yoko Ono.

Peabody, we don't do the politrix sht here. You do not care for the Vice President, others do. Take your btching to Fux News where your kind loiter.

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