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February 06, 2014


Never did I expect to see mating dogs onstage at the SF Ballet. (From the comments.)

(Thanks to marfie)


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now there's a sentence i did not expect to see. ever.

I always think of SF as a place where anything goes, sort of like New Orleans without the strings of beads.

I hope the dogs were brought out for a curtain call.

I hope he didn't crush her tutu.

'course dogs don't make good dancers

cuz they have 2 left feet

I believe the same theory applies to golf.

Are they sure it wasn't The Nutcracker?

'guess what Day it is . . ."

Paws de deux.

SNORK at ligirl and Annie.

I also like "the embracing pair" in the comments. Euphemism of the Year Award.

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