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February 19, 2014


A 101-year-old man is running for Congress.

You know the state.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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You whippersnappers better watch out now!

I hope he is not running too fast, it might be dangerous for his health.

He'll be more likely to unseat his bowels.

I was going to come in and snark, but then I thought why the hell shouldn't he run. He's too old to worry about feathering his own nest, and if there were a competency test he'd probably score higher than many of the entrenched congress critters. So good on him!! I wish him luck.

If he drives to DC, you know he is going to have his turn signal on all the way up the coast.

More power to him.

Being a centenarian, he's pretty old, but I doubt he's old enough to have been a centurion.

The math does not work on the woman who (supposedly) is the oldest to hold office: If she was 103 in 1989, she was born in 1876, and the citation lists her term as running from 1895-1905 ... meaning she would have been elected at age 19 ... two years before she could legally vote ... and congresscritters were established as needing to be 30 to serve, according to the Constitution ... which was ratified back in the 19th century ... and when did women get the vote? (Whenever, they had to be 21 ...)
Also, the "reporter" indicates she died in office, which demise was 1989, but the term of service, as described above, ended in 1905 ...

I'd merely call Bullsh!t on the entire article, but the use of Centurion shifts my thought to "totally incompetent" anent the alleged reporter ...

It's 25 for the House, 30 for the Senate.

Oh my word. He's too old but would use what he had to say about matters in some capacity.

Tnx, o'b's ... been a while since I needed to recall that information ... but that still put her six years below the limit, according to the "facts" in the sidebar ...

Does his turn signal indicate whether he leans to the left or the right?

BTW - women served in Congress prior to gaining the federal right to vote. Two separate issues. Also, this is a British article, so they use a metric calendar, hence the age/year/date confusion on the part of some of our elderly bloggers.

get off his lawn!

Get off my lawn, Annie!

I mean ... um ... tnx fer clarifyin' ... but isn't 1895 the same year in both USofA & UK calendars?

Or do I (@ my advanced age) hafta start askin' whut year it is in Strabane, when I cross the bridge into The North?

U manity, I didn't think women were even allowed to vote until the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920.

I laughed at the use of Centurion, but after reading his platform, he qualifies in my book. (Always did have a thing for a guy in a uniform...)

Jeannette Rankin (R-MT) was the first woman in Congress in 1917. In 1941, she cast the only vote against declaring war on Japan.
Wyoming has allowed women to vote since 1869. Women's suffrage gradually widened from there until the 19th Amendment was ratified.

He waited long enough.

Elizabeth Hawley Gasque did not hold a seat until she was 103, her office holding started in 1938 when she filled her husband's seat after his mysterious death, and she was a representative which only has a 25y.o. age requirements. She only held the seat until 1939, her record is that she is the longest lived person who has served in congress, not the oldest person in congress. That honor currently held by Strom Thurmond who retired when he was 100 and was 100 years and 29 days old when he left office, so Newman will be the oldest sitting congress-critter if he is elected.

edit: and lives long enough to take his seat 2 months after the election, he'll probably be 102 by then.

O the U(manity), I believe 1895AD in the US is equal to 13 stone, four shillings in the UK, but I could be wrong.

Tnx, PG13' ... this has been a very educational thread ...

* wonderin' how many spotted dicks a person could buy with 13 stone and tuppence, before the Spanish-American War ... *

Looks like Gov. Dayton come back from the future.

What? What? Turn down that damn Speaker.

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