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February 03, 2014


LECLAIRE, Iowa (AP) -- The photographers who line up at a Mississippi River lock to snap images of eagles are getting help from a man with a giant slingshot that flings dead fish into the open water.

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Maybe he could diversity and sling out some live Asian carp

I'm so tired of sushi. Let's go out for roadkill.

I've been in meetings where someone will pitch a dead fish of an idea to see if anyone will bite. It's not pretty.

I think we've stumbled upon a way to liven up press conferences.

Just wait untill the fish rights organizaton hears about that

I hope that thing is big enough to shoot out a few politicians to the eagles....

Has the...funeral industry...got any interest?
"Well, bye, Dad".
(Ghostly "Wheeeeeeeee!)

Everybody's seen Jabberwocky, right? This reminds of the bit where the zealots are going to fling Michael Palin out of the city with a catapult.

Reminds me of a certain catapult we used for
"Skeet Shooting of the Stars!"


"Even though it doesn't hurt the eagles to serve up fish"

Well, duh! Up fish are happy fish; they wouldn't hurt a fly.

So, do the eagles tip him?

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