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February 18, 2014


Expert 'disarms' stinky 24-yr-old herring tin

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Thank goodness. We'll all sleep better because of his herring-do.

Well who wants to eat herring with their little arms on, anyway?

Isn't that protected by the 2nd Amendment or the 5th Dimension?

I saw Herring Bomb warming up for Phish back in '95. Helluva show.

I just disarmed my dirty socks - I threw them out from my hotel's window. By mistake I packed the when i was leaving at 3AM for a long trip.

Soon to be made into an episode of 24.

He's a brave man. I don't know when that ship we sent to Syria would have had the time to get to it.


Raj Koothrappali: Sheldon, I've hidden the dirty sock from the roof somewhere in your apartment. Unless you're willing to come with us to meet this girl, it will remain there... forever.

Sheldon Cooper: You're bluffing.

Raj Koothrappali: Are you willing to risk it?

Sheldon Cooper: Curse you.

Actually, the so called ‘expert’ didn’t have a license. The police arrested him and he is scheduled for a herring.

Uh-oh - if the scales of justice weigh in, he'll be finnished. Unless his attorney can somehow sweden the deal.

They shouldn't have Norwedged it in there in the first place.

I canned understand all the attention to this story.

I had a Mennonite store owner don protective welding gear and evacuate his store to remove a case of pickles once.
They were not what is known as "shelf-stable" (stable at room temp) but there they were on the shelf. Swollen up like a full-term...swollen like jars about to explode.
One clink and, BOOM, rotten pickles everywhere.
Now I'm hungry.

I had a close call similar to this when the catering dept called at last for a #10 can of some kind of fish. The guy who took it down off a high shelf looked to see if it was outdated; it was, by two years, and should have been kept refrigerated the whole time. We chucked it into a dumpster and ran away, and had to write off $62. At least the caterers didn't open it in a kitchen; we'd have had to burn the building down.

How does one become an expert stinky herring tin disarmer?

Very carefully.

Layzee - don't bathe.

Why? Are you researching the job market?

Note to self: Layzee is spelled with two e's

In Trysil town, where I was born
There was surströmming swellin’
Made everyone cry Foul Fillet.
Its removal was compelling

The director's cut of The Foot Locker will include the herring tin disarmament scene.

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