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February 20, 2014


Six teams were given 10 minutes to tape a teammate to the wall. The team with the person who stayed on the wall the longest was declared the winner.


(Thanks to Chris Knight)


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Our tax dollars at work.

And I thought duct taping your kid to the wall was considered a time out.

Mythbusters already did it.

New Olympic event to replace wrestling.

15 minutes? When my brother and I someone duct taped my little brother to the wall it was three hours before my parents managed to get him down.

The winner will be the one who remembered to go to the bathroom.

15 minutes... longer lasting than the average political promise.

NBC will try anything to get those low Olympic ratings up.

How many people are watching the Olymnpics? I watched about five minutes of the 220 plus hours aired so far,
and that was by accident.

Watching paint dry is more exciting...but my doctor told me to try reading, and he was right!!!


That is so true. I don't think anyone but the homebound, or prisoners care about the Olympics this year.

Hang in there, dude.

Nice touch leaving the pizza out of reach.

Wow, he's been up there all day.

now if only we could do this to our congress critterz

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