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February 21, 2014


Man tried to pay tab with trillion dollar bill

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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gollllll-eee. dubble dumbass

Probably the restaurant didn't have change.

we're gonna need more nachos

It's only gotta work once.

Is there a problem, officer?

So whose face was on it? Al Gore? Paris Hilton? Justin Bieber?

Nice ombre-lipstick. Trendy!

With my luck they'd ask me if I would take my change back in quarters.

Well, it says he "offered" to pay with a big bill. Doesn't say he whipped one out.

I sometimes offer a billion-dollar bill at yard sales to start negotiations. Nobody has ever taken it seriously. There's nothing illegal about the offer as long as it isn't fraud. Paper fiat money is worth only whatever the seller and buyer agree to, and it's easier to carry than coconuts.

Reminds me of the old story out of the hills of a New Yorker who mistakenly counterfeited some $18 dollar bills.
He came to Eastern Kentucky because who else would take them?
First store he came to, he asked if the clerk could change an $18 bill?
She looked in the register. Then she asked him if he wanted it in three $6 or two $9?
We hill people kind of enjoyed the joke.

"Keep the change, waiter."

There were counterfitters a few blocks away when I was growing up - fairly upscale St Louis suburb. They got busted when the wife of one of them tried to buy some furniture at a local store - with bills that had only been printed on one side.

I'd love to see that bill

What wasn't a trillion enough? Oh wait it's only February, the hyperinflation won't kick in until October. Forget I mentioned anything darn time travel para

Now if he had used that bill to repay his wife for all her years of dedication...

No doubt a member of the 0.00001 percent.

Theresa: Get rich quick.

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