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February 10, 2014


Here's a column I wrote about getting a curling lesson from the U.S. women's team at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. I fell down.


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Any videos of your curling experience Dave? I'd love to see them.

Dropping the stone 'err slinging the hot honey' from the hogline 'midair' not only requires gulping two quarts of whiskey, but a good lift from the ski jump.

These kids today.

With all the experience Dave has had standing up in the years since he first wrote this, I'm sure in Sochi he'd win at least bronze for hot bunny slinging.

We're tired of hearing on-the-scene reporters complain about 'dangerous' tap water, malfunctioning bathroom doors, and stray dogs in their rooms. It's no picnic over here, either. Someone needs to write a column about the dangers of watching the games from home. What about the horrors of Velveeta shortages, sofa pillows that smell like the dog, and no one to fetch you a beer once you get cozy on the couch?

There's a bit of curling in Grand Forks, North Dakota, although I have never been there during curling season.

"Curling in Grand Forks" sounds like instructions for eating linguine.

I've "Curled in Grand Forks" ... the main venue is a bit south of the RR tracks, next door to the Fido Purpur* Arena ...

*Y'all could g00gle him ... quite a guy ... long before Dave's time, and he got an Arena named after his ownself, rather than a mere Sewer Lift Station ...

When one of the normally smooth ice skaters at a Badger hockey game face plants, the crowd chants,

clap clap clapclapclap "ICE is SLIPpery!"

A good lesson for all.

So Dave got a perm?

Wow! Badger hockey? Now, that's what I call a sport! More fun than Pickup Basketball.

Dave, any chance you could take over as QB for the Dolphins???

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