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February 16, 2014


The produce section of a Wanaka supermarket was fair humming after someone planted a vibrator among the parsnips.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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For Vegans, who are known to be passionate about their vegetables.

Could've been werse ... might've put it amongst the zucchini ...

Cucumbers would be a better place.

Oh,aye, ye fair planted a vibrator amongst the parsnips that time, Mate.

You've heard of veggie smoothies. He was making a parsnip shake.

I bet it was those Chinese Diaper Pirates.

so the carrots come in bunches ?

Watch out for the creamed spinach

In other veggie news.

Once you've gone parsnip...

It's time for me to endive right in...

Obviously, the produce manager was still enjoying his salad days.

As a result, the potatoes had to avert their eyes....

The apple and the plum, however, made a very nice pear...

You never guessed why Hobbits smile a lot?

'vibrator among the parsnips' - the new release from david byrne and brian eno...

Further chaos when they rubbed another man's rhubarb

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