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February 06, 2014


Unused salt pile launches 8 week investigation

(Thanks to Ned Tugent)

Pretty ambitious, for a mineral.


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We're going to need a lot more french fries

Clearly an open wound for Cincinnati

Maybe they couldn't see it under all the er, white fluffy stuff.

Combine this with the ballet post and you have ...

And Unused Salt Pile proves a more believable investigator than David Caruso.

Nothing against piles of salt, some of my best friends are piles of slat, but they are not well known for their investigatory abilities and, while I can understand the salt pile being bored and wanting to do something, I think Cincinnati would be better off if they entrusted police officers with investigations rather than piles of salt.

Wasting away in Margaritaville.

Still government being what it is, they will spend 400k investigating something WE ALL now know. GENIUS

I was able to buy 2 #50 lb bags today. There is a shortage of salt.

The budget for the FSPA -- you know, the Federal Salt Pile Agency -- was severely impacted by the sequester, and consequently illegal salt hoarding is running rampant throughout the US, CNN reported today. NJ Governor Chris Christie, shown standing next to a large conical object covered in tarps, said "Salt? What salt?"

Also, they found the calculation of $400,000 is based on the wrong street value; not actually putting on the street, but in little shakers.

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