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February 10, 2014


Pilots often head to wrong airports, reports show

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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It would help if the pilot waited until the plane landed to consume the alcohol remaining from the drink service.

When the runway lights start talking to you, it's time to pin your wings to the seat and become an investment banker.

I don't know what worries me more, air transport pilots lining up for the wrong slab of concrete, or a dumbass "aviation safety" expert with an overdeveloped flair for hyperbole. Please, someone, I beg you, rip that guy's card out of the AP's Rolodex!

"Come to me, come to me...?" Speaking for commercial pilots everywhere, GEEEEZ!

"A particular trouble spot is San Jose, Calif." They can say that again.

If the planes' navigation systems are anything like the gps's in the last couple of rental cars I've had, I'm not surprised. And I'll bet that when they swerved away to head for the right airport, their gps voice sighed "recalculating" in a really aggravated if not sarcastic tone.

That's exactly what the Bali Ha'i airport lights sound like.

To err is human, to really screw things up takes a computer. Havings said that we are about to have cars that drive themselves. How about planes that fly themselves ? Yes I've had a couple drinks......

If I was drunk, [every day] then I would rather have my horse take me home than a car...

When my father and I were flying over Eastern Kentucky thirty years back, we never got lost.
We triangulated by the strip mines-a sad sight and a sad commentary on our times.

Steve ~ Did you use a plane or Kentucky whiskey?

Well, Ms. Flukey, neither of us imbibed while flying.
However, I have known people who did.
Flying wasn't the issue as much as "landing".

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