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February 11, 2014


Japan develops wireless sensor for diapers, able to send alert if needs changing

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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All these gadgets aren't necessary. Just the old way is just fine. I never went into putting monitors in babies room either. You go in and check on baby yourself or if sick put him in your room to keep close check. The money that people spend on this stuff is stupid.

Ok, this is not for babies, but rather for adults. That makes more sense.

I was at the store looking at diapers for my grandson when a woman stopped me: "Excuse me, but I can't tell that those have the wetness indicator. Do you know whether it does?"

Me (silent thought bubble): Diapers have wetness indicators now ..? Whatever happened to just making sure your baby is pr?operly hydrated and checking the diaper regularly?

I know a three month old who just emails. No I don't.

If you're checking for poo, just stick your hand down the back. Who needs a sensor ?

Wireless? Duh. It's called smell. Look into it.

Uh, hate to disagree, but when checking a diaper for "incidents" (sounds better than "biowarfare devices"), the first rule is Thou shalt look before inserting hand!
And smell doesn't always work well, either, as our first, Queen Toot, taught us.

Because keeping an eye on your kid is obviously out of the question.

My kids had an alert system when they were wet. It was called crying.

I'm with you STEVE,

Putting a hand into a diaper is just asking for a nasty surprise.

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