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February 18, 2014


You don't want to know. Seriously.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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No I don't.

As the Brits might say, Barbara is well past her sell-by date.

Also, further warning: way TMI.

Remember - you can't unclick and retrieve your innocence. Prepare to be changed forever. Or at least grossed out the rest of the day.

She may be past that sell-by date but I still wouldn't throw her out.
One of the few things about getting old(er) is that it widens your view of what is "beauty".

There's only two things I ever want to hear or see about Baba Wawa ... and both of 'em are NOTHING!

Is it age that gives people the privilege of discussing the intimate details of their existence? Because if so, I qualify. Ahem. All the devices on our little household LAN are named after French field marshalls. There, I feel better.

First Ernest Borgnine's secret to longevity and now this. *shudder*

she secretly calls it Hairy Reasoner

Walter Cronk-tite.

Dan Lather

Wolf Blitzer

Hugh Downs

Dandy Rooney

Whoopeeeeee G.

Jade Rabbit.

Chet *untley

That's funny at 84. Betty White has said a few funny things too and she is in her 90's

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