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February 06, 2014


A stuffed-sheep bedside table.


(Thanks to Ralph)


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In case you missed it, one of the Chili Peppers wore those exact shoes during the group's recent fake pre recorded Superbowl performance.

Almost as good as having a clown lamp to keep kids from getting out of bed at night.

1.....1.....1.....1..... ZZZZzzzzz..

It keeps staring with those accusing eyes...

Dali? No, more like Woody Allen, seems to me.

Not reccomended for people with a Gyro addiction.

*snork* @ clankie

(and if that doesn't work, you can keep your Lunesta in the drawer)

I herd about this collection. Not Dali, but Dolly inspired, methinks.
Ewe think it would be a good Valentine's gift for that 'special' someone?

50K (pounds) fer a drawer?

So ... two of these would be 100K for a pair of drawers ...

One hasta wonder how much a three-piece suit with two pairs of pants would cost ...

I think if there is one thing we have learned from those male bees in the previous story, we will not be so easily fooled by this very attractive bedside table.

Can you at least close those creepy eyes?

To complete the creepiness, it needs this.

I'll admit it's much nicer than my inflatable model, but £50k? No, thanks.

finally, the inflatable sheep went where I had gone right off the bat. You know why Scottish shepherds wear kilts, right?

Do they make them in lawyer?

You can have one custom made.

The great thing is that you can store your lingerie on the table without folding it.

'a black sheep with white paws' meaning something that it is impossible'

- so that would be a ewephemism

"If you like this, I have an etagere' made from my Uncle Ralph in the guest room."

Nursecindy has a similar nightstand - the drawer is handy for storing batteries.

It's her battering ram.

O'er the lamb parts we watched....


Y'all're in rare (but excellent) form today, blogits ...

From the look on that face, it might have a small drawer installed in the other end, too.

Do you have to wash your nightstand in Woolite?

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