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February 21, 2014


...is not click here.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Botched surgeries cost 40 UK men their testicles

I thought the NHS was free?

During my short operating room career (I kept fainting) we always wrote NO on the part that wasn't to be removed. Maybe the writing was either too small to see on these guys or they rejected the use of a Sharpie on this particular body part.

NC...yes. U.S. medicine does pretty well at that stuff. Also matching the patient with the chart, the wrist-band, and the procedure.

And I'm pretty sure Accidental Castration carries a significantly higher price tag in the U.S. I'm all for malpractice caps, but $150K seems kinda puny

Betsy, perhaps "puny" is a poor choice of word. :)

I saw Accidental Castration open for Hole. Helluva show.

$39,000? They'd better know they can get close to my testicles or my lawyers, but best not know both.

I got way more than that on eBay. What?

I would settle for 130k as long as I got to repay the doc with my version of the treatment on him with a small ax....

Yeah, I was going to say besides labeling the side that is to be removed what about asking the patient "What one is to be removed left or right? And see if it goes with the one that is labeled. Several people should be asking to make sure which is the correct one.

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