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January 12, 2014


Fresh analysis of an extinct relative of humans suggests our ancient ancestors dined primarily on tiger nuts

(Thanks to Omniskeptic and Roberto)


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that's tiger nuts, not n*ts from a striped panther-sized cat

Look out, quinoa. I sense a new yuppie food.

Annie they'll probably advertise it like this: Tiger nut pie. Just like your great, great, great, great, great, great, etc. grandma use to make.

You all know the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts, don't you?

Beer nuts cost about two dollars, but you can find deer nuts just under a buck.

They were more manly than Chuck Norris, I guess. But where did they get so many tigers.

way back then tigers were the size of house cats. And hey, who doesn't eat the nuts of house cats.... have I grossed you out yet,,,

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