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January 07, 2014


Octopus balls toothpaste.

(Thanks to Ryan Jentzsch)


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I have a pot of chile cooking right now. That's my smell. I will take the weather in Florida right now of 56deg versus our way below zero temp. Soooo cold here. Brrrrrrrrr

How did he get his (um) tentacle in there?


Never volunteer to be part of a new Japanese food teste study group.

Bucky Beaver just lost his lunch.

Did you read all the way down to the Dirty Gorilla Perfume one?

The Dental Pasty Cream will be a big seller in the Upper Peninsula. (Sorry, that's a Michigan joke.)

Dirty Gorilla Toothpaste takes like...well, gorilla something, so i hear....

ANd the black toothpste from eggplant is guaranteed top make your teeth LOOK whiter, if only by contrast...

(I've been to Japan twice...have you?)

I can smell your Dirty Gorilla breath a mile away, smile away.

We got my son-in-law bacon flavored toothpaste as a joke/serious gift for Christmas but he described the taste as "unfortunate".

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