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January 09, 2014


Florida moves ahead with bill legalizing 'warning shots'

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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All these "stand your ground" laws allow deadly force if one FEELS threatened-not necessarily if a "reasonable person" would experience that threat in the same circumstances. But, if you miss, your pride better not lead you to say it was a "warning shot". The law severely punishes the poor marksman.
One of the highlights of my long life is that I have never killed anyone. If you think that is a small accomplishment, look at how Zimmerman's life has improved lately.

"So I fired two warning shots...into his head."

Nah, Jeff, I think a warning shot is like a leg or an arm or something.

Warning shot - Muzzle flash

And just how are bartenders supposed to mix them...?

Just don't shoot the old guy stading next to a flying saucer and a huge silver robot.

Are we allowed to reload?

Still no word on legalizing celebratory shots?

fine line between warning shot and bad aim, eh
do you have to declaim it out loud or something

what next?

Legalize insanity?

I think that "maybe" NY or NJ beat ya to it..California also comes to mind...

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