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January 08, 2014


Steven Seagal: I’m considering running for governor of Arizona

(Thanks to funny man)


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And here I was hoping he'd team up with The Donald on a Presidential ticket.

And the apocalypse inches a little bit closer.

"Dude, Steve, face it - your career is in the toilet. Trust me, say any dumb sh!t and you will make headlines!"

Damn it! I wanted Chuck Norris!

I think Dave should run, even though he isn't a resident. That doesn't matter.


Well, he can run all he wants....

Chop, chop and it might get done.

Burt Bacharach could take him.

Now MikeyVA. Don't bogart Dave. We're kind of hoping to get him to run for Governor of N.C. Granted he's not a resident but I'm sure he's either been here, flown over the state, or can locate it on a map. WE WANT DAVE! I bet if Dave were our Governor our teachers wouldn't be number 48 on the pay scale either.

Someone needs to photoshop "WTF" on all those press mikes.

The rumor I heard was Seagal was considering governor of Alaska under the campaign slogan "Vote for me or I'll make more movies."

In Washington (as in Seattle), they have a different idea about Seagals (Yellow for caution)


I think he looked at a US map recently, or googled it, so he is eligible to run for governor of any state.

And I think I can speak for us that we would vote for him no matter where he ran.

Segal / Rodman in 2016. "The voices told us to!'

Don't you...like... have to be a law instructor or a whiz in the cattle futures market or something first...?

Not in Arizona. If you can handle a gun, you're in.

Let us not forget that Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona. This could be a stepping stone to heading up the TSA.

"What's that in your pocket, citizen? A pickle? Well, how about I kick you in the face?"

I feel safer already.

I'm considering running for the hills.

he's gonna mullet over . . .

"Arizona" is Navajo for "Make sure to take your AK AND your meds."

Please Dave run for Fla Gov and get rid of the nutcase in there now. Dude, you would kick his azz!

I have to ask: what, exactly, is that alien-appearing thing on his head? It looks like a dyed black wool rug.
Can we get an expert opinion from The Donald?

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