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January 15, 2014


Socialising in pubs ‘boosts mens’ mental health’

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Speaking of mental health...speaking of mental health....
...where did I put my Segway?

Did you forget you'd already posted this? Time to fire Judi again.

Deja vu. Also good for social interactions

Is there an echo in here?

And crawling home on all fours is good exercise.

If pub crawling is good for their mental health, how bad was it before?

This is a staggering finding.

You learn culture, like singing and dancing.

Honey I was not out getting drunk in a bar. I was socializing at a pub and boosting my mental health. You should be proud of me.

They need to expand this study to strip bars. I imagine the mental health increases during a lap dance are palpable.

"The Medical Research Council (MRC) study – Drinking ­Attitudes in Midlife (DrAM) – focused on men aged 30-50 who drank in groups in the pub."

I think we need to start a focus group in the States. Where's my grant? Where's my pub? Where's my shoes?

Much as I hate to do it, I have to contest the results of this study, as my mental health remains quite challenged in spite of a strict and prolonged regimen of such therapy.

Or, maybe I just need to up the dosage.

This is your brain on drugs.

This is your penis brain being wiped out socializing in a bar.

Paid for by the chimps at the Scottish Psychiatriac Association.

It's the beer talking.

Stimulus is as stimulus does. Now ho;d this for me while I boost my mentals....

Puts 'em in a good mood before they play road roulette.

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