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January 07, 2014


Thieves stuff four cows into car boot

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"Is there a problem, officer?"

And 200 horses under the hood.

Officer: MOOOve along folks, nothing to see here.

This is what happens when cow thieves try to dodge a BULLet.

What has nine horns and flies?

Did it affect the STEERing?

Leather interior. Nice.

we're gonna need a bigger BOOT

Caused the police to ask the following:

"Does this cow make my boot-y look big?"

"The owner's manual only recommends three cows, not four...no wonder it broke down"

"Suppose he did it to get fresh milk?"

Much easier to rustle cows in a convertibull.

Bet it steered like a boat.

More cowbell !

Needs more carbell.

Sorry to step on your comment, Clank. It wasn't there when I posted. Maybe I should have refreshed the page.

Maybe they were cowpooling to work.

You don't see good bovine oregami any more.

the car works fine but the sheer weight crushed the axle, and drove the tires into the earth 3ft deep

Colorado? Oh, sorry. This wasn't a guess-the-state story.

Gosh, they must have springs of steel.

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