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January 08, 2014


Florida police department now prepared for mine fields, ground assault

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Not My Usual Alias)


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Well, if the government offered you an armored vehicle worth $700,000 for $2,000 what would you say?

Your tax dollars at work, people.

Yeah, but what about squirrels?

But they have to replace the roof-mounted machine gun to be prepared for squirrels.

Jeff: I just read that the DoD is planning on scrapping 2500 of these in Iraq - all nearly new, as it is "cheaper" than shipping them home.

Given that this is Florida, shouldn't they also be prepared for amphibious assaults?

I had a cat who said MRAP.

Cool, but is it a hybrid?

I need one of those for rush hour traffic on 495.

Yet another sign of the continuing militarization of civil policing. The swaggering machismo is palpable . . . and frightening.

PB --
You're right about the scrapping. It's also a maintenance issue. Some pols got involved in making way more than the military wanted, partially as a way to do something to reduce casualties and also as a stimulus for the places where the critters were built.

I wanted to see if the bridges in the area could support the vehicles. I know a lot of the local roads in Illinois would not permit transit except for local delivery.

Now THAT is my wife's dream car.
She used to want a Hummer but didn't like compacts.
My tastes are different. I want a car just barely bigger than my physical body that can run on the gas that I produce.

Put a snow blade on it, and I'll go $2500.

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