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January 08, 2014


Apartment Complex Declares War on Squirrels, Squirrel Sympathizers

(Thanks to Joe Green)


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In a previous life, Dennis Rodman was a squirrel. OK, in this life, too.

Awww. How could anyone resist something this cute? I know I couldn't unless it started chewing my car's starter wires again. Then all bets are off.

"with mammals the overall idea is it’s not a good idea to feed them"

- Motto, The Arlington Squirrel Diet

The squirrels have their own spin on the situation.

Resistance is futile.

No mercy

This situation is like an old war movie. You know who's going to win, but you watch it anyway.

Rodman's not getting off the wheel of kharma any time soon. As Mr. Natural said, I checked out his record on the astral plane last night -- next time around, he's coming back as the Mayor of Toronto.

Furry jihad!

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