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January 04, 2014


Tweeting sharks help keep swimmers safe

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Doo - dah, doo - dah....

I have a vision of kid sharks stepping in and out of the perimeter just to set off their transmitters, like kids in a store doorway. *TWEET! TWEET!!!*

'twittering-transmitters' under the water ?
tweeting is twetter transmitted by twaters

"Where u at?"

" not near beach, nope, not me. U?"

" no, me neithr"

"U hungri? I'm not. No."

"see any swimmrs? Oops, lol, fish. Meant fish. See any?"

- and

tweeting twitters tweading water
twy to twerk ? they'twet their twatter


i'll stop now

I tawt I taw a CHOMP






Can the warning system alarm be the theme from Jaws? A tweet alert I might not notice, but if a tuba would catch my attention.

Unless I'm at an orchestra concert, in which case I should have my phone silenced unless I want to be eaten by rabid culturati.

Gee, I wonder if chrome is somehow causing comments to vanish. let's see if Firefox is any better.

I wouldn't like the sharks on facebook. Of course I haven't been on facebook for 2 months.

Think of the movie possibilities - Sharknado meets The Social Network. Although the sharks are probably more likeable than Zuckerberg...

I think they'd be more of a snapchat afishionado.

What next... tweeting door to door Jehovah's Witnesses ?

Big yellow birdsharks. That's a movie.

Only if we can catch and tag 'em. Clankie.

We're gonna need a bigger data plan.

wow Moby Grape reference. Was sitting in a bar a few years ago and Jerry Miller walked in, started jamming on his guitar and "let" me buy him a beer.

First I read "Twerking Sharks" - that would be something.

What do you mean, tag the sharks? I ain't tagging no sharks. YOU tag the sharks!

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