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January 16, 2014


Surveillance video from the bar shows a man twisting and prying a lock at The Shambles and dislodging a safety guard doorstop after seven minutes of work early Friday. Nonetheless, he failed to get in after aggressively pulling the door repeatedly. A sticker on the outside of the door reads "PUSH."

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Chicago School for the Gifted.

Let's just say the perp wouldn't have gotten into Walter Payton Prep without a lot more than a $250K donation

Can't wait to see footage from his inevitable attempt at a jailbreak.

.... dah ...

Just like in the Far Side cartoon!

Cheese' & Larson beat me to the obvious remark, but I noticed the following quote provided by the "journalist" ...

"The locksmith said they use vice grips to spin the cylinder, and it disengages the lock mechanism ..."

P'haps he wuz tryin' to come to grips with his vices ... but it's fer shure that the "reporter" doesn't know how to spell, or has disable spell-check ...

Gah! The Stupid! It BURNS!!!


"diableD" ...

He may be a thief. He may be a moron. But he is no pusher.

I can't get the guy's motives.
I just can't "read" him.

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