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January 16, 2014


But if you own a dog, you'll appreciate this.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Huskies are on the more intelligent side... It is pretty clear which party is the alpha

Don't snip me, bro!

I kept expecting him to vocalize something that sounded like "Just five more minutes?"

Russian huskies say " Nyet ! ".

My pup does the same thing when I try to move him away on the bed when he crowds me!

I found that if I say "floor" he stops because he knows that if he keeps it up, he goes on the floor.

In the nearly eight decades I've observed dogs in my life, I've never seen a critter act like that ...

... yet ...

... today ... well, since noon ...

What part of 'No' don't you understand?

Sometimes dogs can be just like big, friendly babies. Unlike cats, who are more like snotty, Ivy League, big babies with nuclear bombs.

His voice sure is....husky.

We were in the vet's waiting room last week. There was one other person in there, a man, waiting for his dog. My dog, Jake the schnauckerdoodle (like a large Scottie), looked at him and said, "Hewwwwooooo." The man looked at us, thinking I had said that. He didn't reply, so Jake said, "Hiiiiiii," and waited for his reponse. The guy was stunned.

"He said 'hi,'" I said. "I know," said the stunned guy. "The polite thing is to say 'hi' back," I said. "Or he will keep staring at you until you do."

I think we frightened him.

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