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January 09, 2014


Today is National Static Electricity Day.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Shocking that we'd forget this electrifying date.

This should spark some discussion.

Ohm my gosh, I need to mark this on my current calendar.

Still wearing flannel because of the cold weather, so yeah, I already knew this.

And there's a national day for this because .... ?

Is the Nationanl Static Electricity Association worried that constitutional static electricity rights are threatened?

Is lower-priced, inferior imported dynamic electricity undercutting the domestic static variety and causing a major increase in the trade imbalance?

Are balloons falling from walls due to the indirect impacts of the growing hair loss trends?

I didn't know we celebrated this threat from clingons.

That explains why the Shih-Tzu is stuck to my leg.

Might spark some interesting discussions about dumb holidays. In any event, it could zap some life into otherwise dull January

To celebrate, we'll release some balloons.
Hmmm. The balloons, it seems, will not release us for some unknown reason.

A hair-raising prospect...

My AM radio has both too much static and too much electricity.

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