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January 18, 2014




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There's Queasy... and Surly... and Remorseful!

I'm surprised you're a Duff guy. I really pictured you willing to drive the extra miles where somebody could Fud you!

I would have thought you would get hammered with Hammerhead beer, not Duff.

Duff Dave Man!

Topiary isn't what it used to be.

I know how Dorothy felt when she said, "I keep forgetting I'm not in Kansas."

it's the most wonDufful time of the year
have a pilsner, fulfilling
the blog will be swilling it
beer after BEER!
it's the most wonDufful time of the year !

Duff Beer for me,
Duff Bear for you.
I'll have a Duff,
You'll have one too!

Careful, sir. Hangovers may be contagious.

Is there any chance that the Duff guy is single?

One of my favorite Duff quotes:

Duff Man: "Duff beer is brewed from hopps, barley, and sparkling clear mountain...what?"

Titanya: "Goat!"

Duff Man: "Close enough!"

I wonder what Duff tastes like. He isn't watering the flowerbed with beer is he?

Buff, cuff, stuff, puff, ruff, guff, huff, luff, muff, 'nuff said.

High five, er, four!

When I was 17,
I drank some very good beer.
I drank some very good beer
I purchased with a fake I.D.
My name was Brian Mcgee
I stayed up listening to Queen
When I was 17.

Lead on MacDuff and damned be he who first cries ...

I'm clueless here. What time will the Geezer bus be by?

Isn't that what we teens called a "tall boy", i.e., a 16oz (or in this case, a 16 gallon) beer?

Lay on Macduff, and damned be he who first cries "Hold my beer and watch this."

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