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January 27, 2014


A competitor in an Atlantic City, N.J., poker tournament was arrested Friday, days after plumbers found $2.7 million in counterfeit chips in a clogged toilet.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Should have held 'em, but I admit that would have been painful.

The guy owns a counterfeit chip making machine? I can't even turn back my electricity counting meter.

Not-so-royal flush.

Next reality show - "Jersey Shore Plumbing."

Sweetening the pot.

Stop eating chips. They're bad for you.

Was it a straight flush?

I realize that gambling is like flushing $$$ down the toilet, but it's usually *your* money being flushed, not the casinos.

No calorie chips ! New diet fad next !

It's New Jersey. I'm betting the counterfeiter and his chips were invited to "swim with the fishes"...

My motto has always been to let the chips fall where they may. Unless you're standing over a toilet.

Casino food.
What you gonna do?

Ad accompanying the article was Roto-Rooter!

His luck ran out!

Dude, throw them out the window...
They will be gone in 2 minutes AND no evidence EVA

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